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Directions to Room 332 University Centre

University of Guelph



For parking nearest the University Centre  (which is the building at the end of the bus loop / University Close ) :

Park in University of Guelph Parking Lot 31, a pay-as-you-go Visitor's Lot at the corner of Gordon Street and Stone Road (the parking lot across the street from the Best Western/formerly Ramada Inn).


Walk from the Visitor's Lot 31, going north along the sidewalk past the GO bus shelter and bus stops to enter the main doors of the University Centre.

Once inside, walk through the indoor courtyard to the NORTH elevators. 

Room 332 is on the third floor. 


Parking Fees:

The parking attendant requires a deposit for parking between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm and will not accept any bills greater than $20. (Remember to return to the parking attendant booth for a refund on the unused portion of your cash deposit when leaving the University.) University of Guelph parking fees are : 

  • $ 2 / hr  when paying by cash at the parking attendant booth  OR  paying by PayByPhone at parking meters
  • $ 2.50 /hr when paying with coins at parking meters (loonies, toonies, quarters accepted)
  • $ 10 flat fee when paying by Visa/Mastercard at the parking attendant booth

There is no fee to park in this lot after 5:00 pm.


See the University Centre and Parking Lot 31 on a Campus Map
On the map, the University Close is the ∩-shaped road in red (for buses only), with the University Centre (Building 158) above it and Lot 31 below it and a bit to the left.


Wheelchair accessible parking spots are in Parking Lot 42, seen beside the University Close (∩-shaped road in red) on the map.