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in the  Stress Less for Tests  program


The following comments are from some of the University of Guelph students who completed the 2 session
Stress Less for Tests program :


"I am so much more relaxed and studying is so useful now. I feel like . . . well, I'm not being buried alive anymore."


"I don't blank out anymore during exams."


"I have increased my grades. Too bad I didn't know these skills at the beginning of the semester."


"I have focused easier, faster, and longer than ever before."


"I noticed a change right away in my work - completing more work and focusing more on tasks.  Also, I was more relaxed."


"It has helped me study better and made my stress level lower."


"After the second class I wrote a midterm that I had been worried about. I practiced the breathing and did better than my goal."


"I saw some results. It definitely helped me with prolonging my study time. By taking relaxation breaks I was more revived to persevere with studying."


"It really helped me to calm down and focus on what I wanted and needed to do."


"Very successful program! After last Thursday's class I went home and slept a complete night for the first time in a couple of weeks. What a relief!"


"I no longer walk through the day feeling that I am about to cry and that everything is hopeless. Now I am coping and enjoying being at university. Thank you!"


"This program has helped me relieve physical manifestations of stress - especially tension headaches and chest pain. Without these it was easier to deal with stressors."


"I learned how to calm down and keep my perspective."


"It definitely helped me get through the last two weeks. I didn't procrastinate and have gotten an essay done earlier than 3 a.m. the night before it was due."


"It definitely gave me strategies to use which I know work, instead of wondering if I am doing things right. It has given me a more positive attitude - I can "look out" beyond school and my marks and just work at balancing my life and doing the best I can."


"It was an excellent program. Even after being in school for so many years, I found that I still have a lot to learn regarding studying and stress management."


"I feel more confident now to attack my final exams. I suffered from exam anxiety. I learned a lot from the course and feel I am more prepared.  The program was beneficial and I recommend it to all first year students to help them from the beginning."


"It definitely helped me to lower my anxiety during exams and before them. My enthusiasm and lifestyle is more healthy and I feel healthier. I always felt refreshed coming out of the course. I could always study right after with no problems."


"It made me realize that I control my thoughts and worries and they don't have to control me."


"I have been more relaxed during studying and testing lately, and it has made a difference in my enjoyment of the courses."


"A very good program. It helped me to relax. I find I have more energy and less anxiety. I sleep better. I have more confidence."


"Awesome tips and handouts.  It was very helpful and I'm feeling much more prepared for future stresses."


"This program has given me a boost of self-confidence in my abilities to perform well as I go into exams."


"Some techniques I have learned I will be able to carry through my life to allow me to de-stress easily."


"Good strategies.  This gave me the knowledge that my stress and anxiety is manageable."


"This program is a good start for helping me decrease my anxiety levels around exam time."


"With these techniques I was able to calm myself down after getting anxious in class.  I feel more confident going into exams that I will be able to calm myself down when I get stressed or anxious."


"This program has really helped me to manage my stress in academic situations and develop plans for stressful situations."


"It helped me with an exam when I found myself locking up."


"I learned to calm down, realized that school was not my whole life, and now I have more fun. I don't worry about my marks anymore, I just concentrate on achieving my personal goals and well, my marks are actually better and I'm less stressed and happier with myself."