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 Stress Less for Tests


Learn brief, practical strategies to decrease exam anxiety and enhance focus & performance . . .


This two part workshop provides information and practical strategies to decrease test anxiety while in class, studying, before the exam, and during the exam.   Skills development is emphasized in class and daily practice is very strongly recommended.



  • self-regulation strategies to calm down and focus before and during an exam
  • how to use your mind/body to enhance exam performance
  • what to do when your mind goes blank
  • curbing worry and destructive self talk
  • imagery and mental preparation

plus a tips from dietitian Lindzie O'Reilly on :

  • the best times to eat to optimize your focus, energy and metabolism
  • the ideal balance of food choices to feel satisfied and energized
  • the connections between food choices and stress

Part of this program is experiential, which makes it hard for you to get the full sense of its possibilities from simply reading a program description.  Perhaps it would help to know what past participants have said... read more...




This 2 session program meets twice a week, on both Tuesday and Thursday.


The FALL 2019 program meets from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in Room 332, University Centre, University of Guelph   (find this location...)

  • Part One on Tuesday, November 26
  • Part Two on Thursday, November 28

A minimum of 6 people is required for this program.


If you are unable to attend a session for any reason, you may make up that particular class at any future Stress Less for Tests program.
(Please call ahead to confirm the time and location when making up a class.)



  • $ 10 for University of Guelph students   (due to U of G Student Health Services subsidy)
  • $ 60 for all others

Payment is by cash or cheque.

Gift certificates are available.



  • in advance - Complete a registration form and mail or e-mail it to reserve your spot in the program.
  • in person - Space permitting, it is also possible to register and pay in person at the first session by arriving 10 minutes early.

 Please let me know in advance if you need any specific accommodations or accessibility considerations for participation in this program. 




It would be ideal to attend the two evenings in the program, however if you miss a session there are class handouts which can help you "catch up". You may also pick up the missed session at any future Stress Less for Tests program.


UNABLE  to attend the FALL 2019 program ?

  • Join a waiting list to start another program earlier, or meet on a different day / time :
    For those interested in having this program offered at another day or time, leave your name on the Stress Less for Tests waiting list by e-mailing or call the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662. Please specify which days and times you prefer to meet. A program can begin anytime there are 6 or more names on the waiting list. 
  • Arrange for a program to come to your school or community site :
    The Stress Less for Tests program, or selected topics from this program, can be provided on-site at your school or community group site.   Call the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662 to make arrangements for sessions at your location. 
  • Make an appointment for private training : 
    All of the Stress Less for Tests topics can be provided in private one-to-one sessions:   For skills in decreasing test anxiety or enhancing academic performance, contact Kathy Somers at or 519 824-4120, ext. 52662.
    For tips on eating for energy and performance, contact dietitian Lindzie O'Reilly at or 519 824-4120, ext. 52131.   (For University of Guelph students - the student health fee that you paid to enroll in the current semester will cover all private appointments with Lindzie.)
  • Access other resources :

FOR FURTHER RESOURCES on test anxiety (books, CDs, and resources that can help you learn more about these self-regulation skills)  read more...

For information about all of the programs and resources offered by Learning and Writing Services at the University of Guelph, including tips on studying and how to write exams, visit the Learning Commons.



If you wish more information or have any further questions, do not hesitate to e-mail or call Kathy Somers at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662.   

Please leave a message so I can return your call.