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Years ago, a man participating in the Relaxation and Stress Management Skills Training program said

"I've read four books on stress management, but none have been nearly as helpful as this program".  

That's because he shifted from simply reading about the techniques, to doing them!


The secret to success in better stress management and self-regulation is...  DOING IT!


It's good to learn more about stress management and self-regulation by reading websites, books and articles for this will increase your knowledge and understanding.  However, true skill development only comes through training and practice.  It's like learning to write a new alphabet or play a new ball game: I could explain all of the moves to you, but you wouldn't fully know what its all about until you have the pen in your hand or are out on the court trying it out.  Practicing the moves will give you the feel for it, as well as the chance to experiment, develop your own style, discover strengths, and build stronger, faster and more automatic skills.


Stress management development is experiential.

It's not what you know, it's what you DO!


Simple things, done well, daily

  is the real key to building strong skills that can work effectively even in the most demanding situations.



The Stress Management and High Performance Clinic offers experiential training to build skills that can be used for a lifetime.  


If  NOW  is the time

for you to take it to the next level

and actually build personal skills,


read more about the programs


and contact me 

to talk more about how they could help you.