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Re-energize body and mind...

strengthen your ability to cope through tough times...


This three-session program introduces a variety of research-based practices from the 5 pillars of resiliency to help :

  • restore and recharge
  • enhance physical and mental health
  • think like a "good stress coper" 
  • increase effectiveness and self-regulation in the midst of a stressful life

Along with tips on how to increase resiliency to get through life's rough patches, a variety of restorative mind/body techniques are practiced every week :

  • breathing patterns that most powerfully impact the parasympathetic nervous system
    (the part of the nervous system that calms, heals, rests, and restores us)
    and how to measure it with biofeedback!

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Autogenic Training

  • mindfulness meditation

Beyond providing many options, experiencing this 'smorgasbord' increases understanding of which elements are most personally effective, along with how to modify them and match techniques to numerous situations.

Skills training is emphasized in class and daily practice is very strongly recommended. Like playing the piano or riding a bicycle, invested practice produces effective skills that last a lifetime.


This program is experiential, which makes it hard for you to get the full sense of its possibilities from simply reading a program description.  Perhaps it would help to know what past participants in the longer, more intensive, 12-session Relaxation & Stress Management Skills Training program have said...  read more...

Some people choose to have a combination of private sessions along with a group program.  For example, you may wish to have 1, 2, or more private sessions to get started right away on training while waiting for the next group program to start. Some individuals benefit from private training after a group program in order to fine-tune skills and tailor them to specific situations.




The Boosting Resiliency program begins on

Monday, MAY 29, 2023

meeting from 7:00 - 8:00 pm  

for 3 sessions   ( May 29,  June 5 and 12 )

(this will be a virtual program via Zoom)


If you are unable to attend a session for any reason, you may make up that particular class at any future Boosting Resiliency program. 

(Please call ahead or e-mail to confirm the time and location when making up a class.)


 FEE :

  • $ 10 for University of Guelph students   (due to a subsidy from U of G Student Health Services)
  • $ 29 for members of United Steelworkers Local 4120   (due to a subsidy from Local 4120)
  • $ 59 for all others 

Payment is on-line  (or by cheque or e-transfer, if pre-arranged).

Gift certificates are available.



Registration for this programs opens on April 1 on this page.



University of Guelph students  - to request your Coupon Code for the subsidized fee, e-mail your name and Student ID number to

Members of USW Local 4120  - to request your Coupon Code for the subsidized fee, e-mail your name to



It would be ideal to attend all of the 3 classes in the program, however if you miss a class there are class handouts which can help you "catch up".  You may also pick up the missed classes at any future Booster Resiliency program.


Don't want to WAIT for this program ?

  • Arrange for a program to come to your workplace or community site : 
    The Boosting Resiliency program can be provided on-site at your workplace or community group site.   Call the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662 to make arrangements for sessions at your location. 
  • Make an appointment for private training : 
    Any of the Boosting Resiliency topics listed above can be provided in private, one-to-one training sessions. Daytime, late afternoon, and evening times are available on weekdays throughout the year. Call 519 824-4120, ext. 52662, or e-mail to make a private appointment for individual training. 



If you wish more information or have any further questions, do not hesitate to e-mail or call Kathy Somers at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662.  

Please leave a message so I can return your call.